missyogafit.com is a project started by a group of individuals who love Yoga inside out! They are committed to sharing their knowledge about yoga and also many related topics in a simple way.

What is Missyogafit.com project about?

missyogafit.com started because we believe the majority of the websites related with Yoga ecosystem are typically focused to make money at all costs. They Do not care much about the user experience and personal fulfillment.

We are 100% different because we seek to provide premium content for FREE, without any strings attached to it. We are focused to help people to have a better Yoga experience and above all to improve their body and mental capabilities.

We want to share with you everything you need to know before starting your Yoga journey, above all we want to make sure that you will be 100% clarified before starting your new Journey.

We are committed to sharing with you all the info you will need from the Yoga basics up to more advanced and complex workouts.

Some examples of the content topics we write about:

  • Yoga Poses
  • Yoga Styles
  • Yoga Workouts
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Yoga tips for Beginners
  • and much much more…

Who are the Missyogafit.com team?

Missyogafit.com team has 2 founders (Paulo & Veronica), Dozens of certified Yoga teachers that teach different yoga styles and also have a lot of individuals who love Yoga and share with us their Journeys.

So we have a Hybrid team that together has the right skillset to deliver some of the best Yoga content in the industry.

How does Missyogafit.com generate revenue?

This project does not have any sponsors or promoters, so we can be free to express ourselves about everything we think that is the best thing to our public.

That being said we need to have enough income to keep this website running without begging for help. That is why we will be running advertisement and very specific affiliate offers that will provide to our audience a huge amount of value to their Yoga Journey and at the same time will help us to cover the running costs of running this blog (ex. Hosting, software costs, image and video costs, etc…)

But we will never push you to buy anything. Be 100% sure about that!

How can i contact Missyogafit.com team to discuss something with you guys?

We are not just a website where you can read about yoga, but instead, in the other end of the screen, there are real people that will enjoy knowing that you love this project and above all, they are here to help you in your struggles and challenges.

So don´t hesitate to contact us, whatever is the reason or motivation you have, we are 100% here to assist you.

To contact us just fill this contact form.


We sincerely hope you like to be here with us and learn something new every time you come back.