How to Do the Firefly Pose

How to Do the Firefly Pose

firefly pose

The firefly pose is meant for those who want to strengthen their core. It also balances and strengthens the arm.



Name in Sanskrit: Tittibhasana

Difficulty: Hard


  • It extends the groins and the torso.
  • It increases the sense of balance.
  • It adds strength to the arms and the wrists.
  • It helps in toning the muscle of the belly.


The pose is not meant for students with any injuries across their lower back, elbow, wrists or shoulders.

How to practice the firefly pose



Start by squatting, with your feet a short distance apart. Lean the pelvis to the front and pull your body in-between your legs. Ensure your torso is low and stretch your legs straight for your pelvis to be lifted up to the height of the knee.


Move the upper part of your left arm and shoulder under the back of the left thigh. This means that you should add a little distance above the knee.

Press your left hand on the floor towards the inner side of your foot. Your fingers should be pointing to the front. Do the same process twice.


Carry the body up as if you’re shifting your centre of gravity. Place your hands on the floor and start rocking your weight to the back.

Make sure that your inner thighs are high above the arms; make them as high as possible.


Breathe in and straighten your legs sideward. Your pelvis should be high in such a way, that the legs are parallel to the floor.


Use force along the bottom of your big toes but press your toes backward to the body and wide apart. At this point, your feet should angle to the front and the edges to the back, slightly.

Extend your arms straight. Curve your chest and extend the shoulder blades as wide as it can get. Your upper back will round and the body will be lifted higher.

Don’t tense your neck, but raise your head up and look forward. Exhale slowly and stay on the pose for 15 seconds. If you can keep it longer, do it.

Then, free your fee and exhale as they touch the floor.

How to do Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)


You can make this pose convenient by sitting on the floor, legs apart to 90 degrees and each heel elevated to the floor.

Then press your palms on the space within your two legs.

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