Kripalu is a type of yoga with an empathetic approach and focuses on physical healing, meditation as well as spiritual transformation that extends into the day to day life activities.

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It is both a style of yoga and a retreat center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Kripalu also emphasizes looking inward and progressing at your own speed; thus, this style is suitable for individuals with limited mobility because of weight, age, injury or illness.

Although a lot of yoga styles has to do with breathing and meditation, Kripalu yoga also place equal importance on the body, mind, and spirit. This yoga style is suitable for beginners, and it can be accepted or practiced by anybody, regardless of your weight, age, size or disability.

Many people see this yoga style as an extension into their day to day lives, and it serves as a source of mental and spiritual transformation and also physical health. You can give this yoga style a try as you explore different yoga styles to find what’s best for you.

Basics of Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga is a gentle type of hatha yoga that employs a compassionate approach. It focuses on physical healing, spiritual transformation, and meditation that influence daily activities. Students learn how to observe their thought without being judgmental and learn how to love and accept themselves the way they are.

Students learn to discover their own practice level in Kripalu classes by looking inward. The yoga classes often start with pranayama exercises and soft stretched accompanied by practicing asana, and finishes with final relaxation.

Postures are held for short periods in beginner classes as they begin to feel prana effect in the body. Poses are held for longer periods in more advanced classes. Kripalu instructors say Jai Bhagwan (Hindi) at the end of a class instead of Namaste (Sanskrit). Both alterations have the same meaning.

People who feel they are abnormal find this yoga style interesting because it emphasizes on acceptance and adaptability. It is also suitable for individuals seeking transformation during difficult periods or people with physical limitations or injury.

The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Kripalu is associated with a Hatha style of yoga and also a wellness center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Kripalu was founded by Amrit Desai, a yoga guru who moved to the US from India in 1960. This style of yoga was named after Sri Kripalvananda (Desai’s teacher), who is a Kundalini yoga expert.

The Kripalu center started operations in its current location in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts in 1983 after outgrowing two facilities in Pennsylvania. The programs kept increasing until 1994. It was discovered during this period that the founder engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with his students. Desai left the center, and the management was given to a group of senior members who began rebuilding.

The center began to grow under this new management group; it classes consists of a wide range of yoga methods and wellness topics. It also established itself as a multi-dimensional retreat destination. Currently, the center provides an incredibly diverse course schedule.

It usually hosts famous yoga teachers who lead different workshops. This center is one of the most popular retreat centers in the US, it also trains teachers on massage, yoga and Ayurvedic.

Who is Kripalu Yoga for?

You will find this yoga class interesting if you want to improve your health and sense of well-being through a physical and spiritual approach.

The gentle approach that allows student work according to their pace is a nice option for students who want to benefit from an adaptive practice, such as people suffering from arthritis, overweight individuals and seniors. Yoga beginners will also find this practice appealing.

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