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Here we will share with you all the products we trust and believe that will be a perfect match for your YOGA Journey.

We want to share with you a quick list of yoga accessories that you will need to start your journey.

The accessories we are recommending will provide you a great amount of benefits and also can help your yoga lifestyle and practicing on a daily basis. Personally, we at own all of them and so we can validate their benefits.

They are approved!

As you should have seen in the Yoga industry there are thousands of options to choose from when we are referring to accessories, equipment, supplies, books, videos, etc. Deciding what to purchase can be overwhelming for many, especially if this Yoga thing is a complete new chapter in your life.

Thats why we have written this page, to remove this potential blocking point and also to help you decide what you should purchase. Below is our favorite list of yoga accessories so you can make your shopping process easier and much more enjoyable.

So we can be on the same page, bear in mind that some of the products have affiliate links that will help us to keep this site running and provide the best Yoga content for FREE.

How to Do the Side Crane (crow) Pose

1. YOGA Towel

This is a mandatory accessory believe me!

Many Yoga mats have a lot of quality issues. For example, they lack a sticky quality that will be quite easy to slip and slide once your heartbeat starts pumping and your body heat starts building.

In a Yoga class, you can feel from awesome to a slippery and very stressful without one yoga towel. If you decide to attend hot yoga or vinyasa classes, then you really need to have one of them because it is not an optional accessory but a mandatory one.

We highly recommend the following yoga Towels from some of the best stores. We choose 3 different types so it can fit in your budget (from low-cost to premium quality and price).




2. YOGA Mat

This one is quite obvious but let’s dive on it anyway.

This one is quite obvious but let’s dive on it anyway. A good place to start researching for a yoga mat is going to a major retailer, there you will find a lot of inexpensive mats that will get the job done. 

We suggest this approach if you are new to yoga and are not quite sure of what yoga style classes you want to attend.

When you move to a phase where yoga becomes a good part of your daily or weekly routine, only then you should think about a high-quality yoga mat. Because these yoga mats can be quite pricey but they worth every penny, as long as you use them regularly (obvious right!). If you want to justify the cost of the mat, do a simple calculation ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Take the price of the yoga mat and then divide it by the number of times you practice yoga in 30 days (1 month)… this is a good way to modify that perspective.

Personally, we believe if we practice a lot, that we need to feel as comfortable as possible with our yoga accessories.

Below we have chosen 3 yoga mats that we recommend 100%  and also the Premium yoga mat.




3. YOGA Bag

Now that you own a yoga mat, how do you properly carry it around?

The simple answer for you is this => A yoga Bag

The yoga bags are basically a small purse to carry out your mat in a very simple way. Especially if you have decided to purchase a heavier yoga mat like the ones we have mentioned above.

you can find yoga mats in all sizes & shapes around and can be found in hugely different places and locations like for example yoga studios, online, major retailers, etc.

We had the opportunity to test the 3 yoga bags we listed below, you can find all of them in Amazon since its the most convenient place to buy stuff online.

To us, yoga is no different!




side reclining leg lift

4. YOGA Blocks

Yoga blocks are a dream becoming a reality!

A block is our top yoga prop and always a part of our yoga workouts.  But you may be wondering why?

Let me explain…

Yoga blocks are an extraordinary prop to keep at home and integrate into your personal yoga workout or to use in a yoga class. So it doesn’t matter where you will use your yoga block, what really matters is to have your yoga block near you to assist you with many yoga poses (for example where you need to lengthen, extend, deepen and soften your body).

Below you have a list of the yoga blocks we recommend hands down!




5. YOGA Straps

This is another yoga accessory that can be used during any yoga workout. Yoga straps will help you to practice yoga poses in a much accessible and easy way, independently of your flexibility.

Below, as usual, we do recommend 3 of the best yoga stripes we have tested and used on a daily basis.




6. YOGA Bolster

This is another yoga accessory that can be used during any yoga workout. Yoga straps will help you to practice yoga poses in a much accessible and easy way, independently of your flexibility.

If you want to have a Yoga training experience with a lot of comforts then you should think very seriously to buy a bloster.

A bolster is normally used in restorative yoga, Prenatal and also in yin yoga sessions. A bolster is basically a side body pillow where the main goal in a yoga class is to provide comfort.

Once again it is an amazing yoga accessory to be used in a class or at home.

You can take a look below at an amazing article where is shown how to use this extraordinary accessory.


Below we share with you our top 3 picks:




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