The Staff pose is not that simple as you might have fist thought. There is a lot to learn about it.



Name in Sanskrit: Dandasana

Difficulty: Easy


  • This pose keeps you’re the muscles on your back strengthened. 
  • It extends the chest and shoulder.
  • It is also enhances the body posture.


Those who any form of lower back or wrist injury should stay away from the pose.




Start by sitting over the floor and your legs joined together and kept straight to the front of your body. Does your body lean back? The reason might be due to tight hamstring pulling your sitting bones near the knees as well as the back of your pelvis to the floor. Also, it might be advisable to use a blanket as seat or a bolster to carry up the pelvis. 


To easily examine alignment, sit while your back is turned to the wall. Let the scapulas and sacrum to rest over the wall. However, this shouldn’t be your lower back.

It shouldn’t be the back of your head either. Place a small towel, which you have rolled-up, on the space between your lower back and the wall.


Sit at the front of your sitting bones. Then shift tailbone and pubis to be at the same distant to the floor. Don’t make the belly hard, press the thighs strongly and push the two down over the floor (if you use a support, then it should be this support).

Roll them a bit over each other. Then pull the inside groins to your sacrum. Stretch the ankles, pushing out along your heels.


Making the front body perpendicular against the floor, the amount of energy moving up to your sternum from your sternum then to the lower back starting at your shoulders to your tailbone. Now imagine your ail extending inside the floor.


Think of your spine like a kind of ‘staff’ towards the vertical central point of the body and deep it strongly into the Earth, the pivot and support of everything you so. Stay in this pose for 1 minute or as long as you can.

How to do the Staff Pose (Dandasana)


Rest 1 – 3 10-pound of sandbags over the top of your thighs near the crease of the hip to allow your thighs to stay grounded.

Benny Martica

Benny Martica, a certified Hatha Yoga teacher based in Argentina, is a dedicated and passionate advocate of yoga’s transformative power. With a deep commitment to mindfulness and holistic wellness, she empowers her students to find balance and well-being through the practice of yoga. . Her mission is to inspire others on their path to personal growth and self-discovery.