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We know that yoga seems to be quite challenging and overwhelming for who is starting out their yoga journey. Because it seems to be very difficult and complex for who is starting out without knowing much about yoga and that normally will lead you to procrastination.

We are not going to tell you it will be extremely easy, because that will depend a lot in the Yoga style you will decide to follow and also about your fitness level.

But… one thing we can tell you out of the bat 🙂 everyone who started yoga, did it from scratch and the ones who persisted consistently succeeded!

We know that is much easier for you to say to yourself that you can´t do it because of so many reasons… sure you can quit and you are done.

But you can invert that mindset and say to yourself… today is the day to make a change in my Life! I will start my Yoga Journey and will try to put all my energy to accomplish my goal!

That´s why we created this page to share with you the Yoga inspiration that you need to succeed in your yoga journey.

You have here a lot of examples of people who started from the complete zero and even nowadays still continue practicing YOGA!

#1 Kino MacGregor

Credits: Kino Yoga

#2 Arthur Boorman

Credits: DDP Yoga

#3 Tao Porchon-Lynch

Credits: Power Living

#4 Vance Hinds

Credits: DDP Yoga

#5 Yoga Transforming Lives

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