How to choose the right Yoga Style for You?

Are you interested in yoga but don’t know how to go about it? Worry not, we’ve got you covered in this our free yoga guide for beginners. It contains everything you need to learn about yoga to get started.

yoga styles

Deciding on the type of yoga style to try out is one of the biggest challenges beginners face; beginners usually find this confusing because the options and class names are so extensive.

Although almost all yoga style uses similar physical posture, each of them has a particular emphasis. You will learn the difference between each yoga style in this guide so you can decide the style that’s more suitable for you.

The best way to learn yoga is to attend a beginner’s class.

You can ask your local studio to know which class will offer basic instruction that’s appropriate for a newbie if the studio does not indicate which class is designed for someone trying yoga for the first time. If you want to search for online videos, your search should be directed to entry-level classes or beginner’s classes; most online platforms offering yoga videos categorizes their videos based on ability-level.

Just know that if you did not enjoy your first yoga class, that does not mean yoga workouts are not meant for you. The reason is there are different yoga styles as well as different yoga instructors with different methods of approach or teaching. So you may have to experiment on different yoga styles before you find the yoga style that suits you better.

Practicing yoga has numerous health benefits, if you don’t find it interesting initially, why not explore different classes before writing it off.

Beginner Friendly Choices

Besides the classes labelled as “beginner yoga” usually, yoga classes categorized as “hatha” are slower-moving practices focusing on the basic, friendly poses for beginners.

It is important you know the meaning of “hatha”; hatha is a term that usually describes any type of yoga routine that has to do with movement. Almost all yoga classes in America are hatha. So it’s advisable you ask the yoga instructors on what to expect before starting your first yoga class.

Vinyasa are faster-moving practices that’s very popular. Beginners who are not familiar with the basis poses may find it difficult or confusing. Make sure you try the beginner-level class if you want to try vinyasa classes.

Lastly, lyengar is a type of yoga that focuses heavily on proper alignment. This yoga style suitable for individuals who wants to spend quality time in getting each yoga position exactly right or people suffering from injuries. As a beginner, you can expect lots of instructions to go about this form of yoga.

Have at the back of your mind that any yoga style can suite a beginner perfectly as long as it is labelled a beginner class. You can give Forrest yoga or yin a try if your local studio offers it. Just ensure your instructor is aware that you are a newbie. Once your instructor is aware, he/she will keep a close eye on you and also provide more instructions that will help you practice yoga.

yoga styles

Different YOGA Styles Explained

You can try to know your yoga personality or yoga type to determine which of the yoga styles will suits you best. Do not be intimidated with the different yoga styles available, take a beginner-friendly yoga class before deviating.

List of YOGA Styles

Let dive in the top 15 Yoga styles explained and find out what is the one that you should pick for yourself (click on the links below)



VINIYOGA T.K.V. Desikachar used the term–Viniyoga, in describing his father’s method, T. Krishnamacharya, a revered teacher who developed this method during his old age. Viniyoga employs an individualized approach, enabling each student to create a

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VINYASA FLOW YOGA Vinyasa, just like hatha, is a general term used in describing several types of yoga classes. However, vinyasa is a more intense or energetic kind of yoga that comprises of different yoga

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sivananda yoga


SIVANANDA YOGA The first center where Sivananda yoga was practiced was founded by a disciple of Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnu-devananda in 1959. At the moment, this yoga style has about 80 centers across the globe,

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restorative yoga


RESTORATIVE YOGA This type of yoga uses props in supporting the body during relaxation into poses for a long period. This style aims to maintain a pose for a long time to promote passive stretching.

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power yoga


POWER YOGA This yoga style came to be in the mid-1990s, where several prominent teachers skilled in traditional yoga sought ways to make more people have access to flow yoga. At first, power yoga was

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Iyengar yoga


LYENGAR YOGA Lyenger yoga style is based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar; it involves bringing all your body into perfect alignment. Props like blocks, straps and yoga blankets are used in assisting students to

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kudalini yoga


KUDALINI YOGA This yoga style emphasizes breathing combined with physical movement; Kundalini aims to free energy in the lower part of the body, allowing it to flow upwards through every chakra in the body. All

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Kripalu yoga


KRIPALU YOGA Kripalu is a type of yoga with an empathetic approach and focuses on physical healing, meditation as well as spiritual transformation that extends into the day to day life activities. It is both

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JIVAMUKTI YOGA This yoga style originated from one of the best yoga studios in New York in the 1980s. David Life and Sharon Gannon are the founders of this yoga method influenced by the thoroughness

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Integral Yoga


INTEGRAL YOGA This yoga style is based on the principles and ideas of Sri Swami Satchidananda, designed to be a guideline for people on how they improve their lifestyle. It aims to integrate the body,

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hot yoga

HOT YOGA (also known as BIKRAM Yoga)

HOT YOGA Hot Yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury; this name is used interchangeably to describe yoga classes done in high temperature environments (room heated to 95-104 degrees). The high temperature promotes profuse sweating –

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Hatha Yoga


HATHA YOGA Hatha is a broad term that generally has to do with any of the physical yoga styles. In modern yoga practice, it is used to describe a gentle and slow-paced method of practicing

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power yoga


BAPTISTE POWER VINYASA YOGA The Baptiste Power Vinyasa is a unique yoga style created by Baron Baptiste, a power yoga innovator with knowledge of different yoga styles, meditation and martial arts. His yoga style consists

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ASHTANGA YOGA This intense, fast-paced yoga style was found in the 1960s by Pattabhi Jois. It involves performing a set series of yoga poses continuously in the same order. Ashtanga is very physically demanding and

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acusara yoga


ANUSARA YOGA The term Anusara refers to “fоllоwіng уоur hеаrt,” “flоwіng wіth nаturе,” “flоwіng wіth grасе,” it was created in 1997 by American yogi, John Friend. Anusara yoga became popular with a large number of

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For last but not least...

I am pretty sure your knowledge of yoga has improved compared to what you already knew before reading this article.

By now, you should be familiar with the different types of yoga as well as their philosophies and approaches. The reason this article is lengthy is to provide you with detailed information to eliminate any doubt you have concerning yoga; thus, this article serves as a guide in helping you choose a yoga style that’s more suitable for you.

One more thing, I would love it if you share this article on yoga and the different styles of yoga available with your friends, family, and network.

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