You know, when we are new to something, we normally feel intimidated by it, but after a while, we start to build some clarity and start to get on track.

So YOGA will be exactly like that if you are completely new to it. Because its normal to see amazing photos all around the internet with positions that are quite challenging for yoggies with more than 20 years of practice.

So expect to start with the basics, very easy positions that are quite easy to practice and over time you will see your improvement and with that, you can move to more challenging yoga workouts.

In this section of our blog, we will demystify all the myths about yoga and will explain with a good level of detail all the ins and out of yoga, so you can have a piece of much clear information about what yoga is and how can yoga help you.

Now you can dive in some great articles about yoga for beginners

yoga myths

8 Yoga Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now!

The popularity of yoga is spreading like wildfire. Yet, you may think it isn’t for you and may even feel out of place in class.  That’s not at all true.  You can greatly benefit from ...
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9 Most Common Yoga Injuries and how to prevent them

Yoga has numerous health benefits such as increased strength and flexibility, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress, anxiety, and tension. Studies have also shown that yoga can reduce pain, speed up metabolism, as well as ...
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