The variation of the pose uses the classic forward leaning to a whole new height of release.



Name in Sanskrit:Janu Sirsasana

Difficulty: Easy


  • This pose is good for stretching the shoulders, spine and hamstrings
  • It invigorates the organs in the abdomen like the kidney and the liver.
  • It also aids digestion


Those who have diarrhea should avoid the pose

Janu Sirsasana



Start with sitting over the floor with the body standing straight and the legs kept wide. Fold the left knee and attach your heel inside the left groin. Now bend your knee a bit and move your heel for a short distance, inches, nearer to your right buttocks. 


Breathe out and bend towards your right and push the back of the right shoulder over the interior of the right knee. Res the forearm over the floor in the right leg, palms turned up. Extend the length of your right side of the body through the inside of your right thigh. Face your right palm to the inner edge of your foot and grab it. Your thumb should be over the head of your foot and your fingers should be over the sole.


Don’t forget that the femur of your left leg hangs the pose. Push your left femur strongly on the floor, while breathing out and you are gently extending the right knee.

Ensure the back of the shoulder is kept in contact to the inside of the inside knee as you keep it extended. Notice how the body is pushed out when you keep the knee straight. Twist your body when you notice this. 


Breathe out the left arm straight to the ceiling. Tilt back a bit and breathe out as you move I back to of your left ear. Grab the exterior of your right foot. Push the elbows apart from each other while you use them as if they are cranked to assist the twisting of your upper body continuously. Face the head staring towards the ceiling.


Stay in the pose for about a minute. To release from the pose, first release the twist of the body. Then, without standing straight, move it to your in the middle between your legs.

Breathe out and carry to a standing position. Don’t forget coming up straight from the position of being twisted. Do the steps over again to the opposite side for the same period of time.

How to do the Revolved Head-to-knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana)


It is advisable for beginners to keep your bottom to touch the inside knee than loosing the contact between them just to keep the knee straight completely.

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